Ramón Ángel “Triángel”

Ramón Angel Rey
This is a Jazz trio led by Ramón Angel (drums and composition). The Trio’s first CD, “7 women” (N57- Plusmusics), consists of several originals and arrangements of jazz standards and, according to the Jazz critic Martí Farré, the music “ranges from frenetic swing to dreamlike lyricism.”

The group has participated in several festivals (Mas i Mas Barcelona Jazz Festival, or the III 1906 Jazz Festival) in addition to having performed in some of Spain’s most importants clubs.

Joining Ramón in this dynamic trio is Joan Monné, one of the most in demand pianists and composers in Spain (Benny Golson, Jesse Davis, Joe Magnarelli, Peter Bernstein, etc…) and bassist Marko Lohikari, a top player in the Barcelona Jazz scene (Perico Sambeat, Dani Perez, Jordi Matas, Jon Robles, David Xirgu, Marco Mezquida, etc.)

“The result is an exquisite, careful and personal work, which results in a seductive performance, full of nuances and subtleties.

The subtlety with which Ramon Angel uses sticks and brushes to hit the instrument never fails to impress, making the drum heads breath and speak as if they were extraordinarily sensitive organic matter. A marvel.”

Pere PonsDiario Avui 26 de agosto de 2009.

“The compositional elegance and finesse of the trio was punctuated by passionate and energetic moments.

Ramón´s brilliant playing flowed with intensity, provoking both Joan Monné and Marko Lohihari to vigorously overlap, creating moments of high-level jazz”

Quim Cabeza.Distrito Jazz, 27 agosto 2009

“An album of contrasts where the thrilling joy of a polyrhythmic “Moment’s Notice” is combined with the dreamlike subtlety of “La Aventura de Silvia” or the ballad “No Entiendo Nada.” Hopefully, Ramón Angel’s career as a composer, shall be as splendid as the originals presented in this excellent debut album.”

Martí FarréRevista Jaç Noviembre 2009