Although I have been teaching seminars and master classes for many years,  it is in 2006 that I began to shape the different courses that I teach today.

In that year I began working in el Taller de Musics of Barcelona and in addition to organizing the courses of Jazz drumming, I also developed curricula in the subjects of Improvisation for the drum set, brushes, and sight reading.

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As an author, I have written the book “Cómo interpretar partituras en la batería” (How to Interpret Charts on the Drum Set) published by Dinsic in 2013. Following a very orderly and systematic approach, this book helps us improve our reading and interpretation of various types of charts in different styles and has been very well received by the drumming community in Spain and abroad.

The presentation of this book I did in Seville in 2013 is available in the videos section and the book is available for purchase on my website shopping section.

In recent years I have written several articles on how to accompany and how to practice. I believe that they might be interesting because with the amount of information that today we have at our disposal, we need organize our time in order to progress.

And how do you practice? Part 1. Spanish:   Download PDF
And how do you practice? 2nd part. Spanish:   Download PDF

In collaboration with drummer José Mena I translated into Spanish the four books of the famous Gary Chaffee´s Patterns and the classic George Lawrence Stone´s Stick Control.

Patrones para mantener el tiempo
Patrones Stickings
Patrones de Técnica

Also together with Mena we translated the famous Stick control de George Lawrence Stone.

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He has also released the DVD “Cómo acompañar en el Jazz” (How to comp in Jazz) where you can find examples and exercises that help you to understand the accompaniment in Jazz. Recorded live at the Tam Tam drum Fest 2015. To buy now click here